RV Shows to Go or Not To Go.

The question of whether or not to go for an RV show comes up once or twice in the life of an RV owner. It does not matter if you are a casual RVer or a full time live in one. The curiosity has struck all of us once in a while. RV shows are so exciting and can give one such a rush. Viewing not only those RVs that are within your price range but seeing some of the world’s best designs and RVs.

Here is a small list of pros and cons as to check out if you are planning to go for an RV show.


New models will be on display- The best part about RV shows is the way almost all of the newest models are on display. Even if you do not plan on buying it the high priced RVs may not be the regular item at your local dealership.

Seminars- There are several attractions at the RV show that can easily be used to distract your children. The first thing to do is ensure that you make them understand that they should not leave the premises without you.

Low prices – It is well known that the prices at a show are reduced to attract more people to the event. The special offers mean you can pay less for the RV than you would at the regular dealership and top online gambling sites. The low prices re exclusive to people who attend the show. 

New floorplans and models– In the course of the year companies do release new floor plans or new models that can be shown off at the show. The new floor plans could eventually give you an idea of which RV to buy even in the future if you do not buy it at the show.

A variety of dealers- The show provides you different dealers to give you the various options available when it comes to dealers.


Though the parking at the show will often be free for those who pay the entry fee it can be a daunting task to actually park. The car parking is stressful and so is leaving the show.

Impulsive buying- It is very common for people to buy RVs at the show on impulse. The many dealers and the pressure to buy can put a toll on someone. The newest models with all their cool gadgets can be very exciting.

Crowds- The large crowds at the show can be a bit disturbing if you are used to small crowds. A large number of people who visit the shows every year seems to increase every time. Some people do not like the overwhelming feeling of an RV show and would rather buy at the dealership.

Admission Costs- The admission costs of the RV show can be average in price but if you are many people the costs can seem high. Some get discounts for being members of Good Sam.